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Quality Desserts -
Toowoomba facility

Company Information

Welcome to the Quality Desserts web site. We are a proud Australian, family owned brand with a commitment to supply you with the finest products in the country. And did you know, we also hold the "Guinness World Record for the Worlds Largest Lamington" weighing a massive 2,361Kg (5,205lbs).

Initially Established in 1992 by father & sons team the "Quality Desserts" team has produced a large majority of the cake based products found in Australian supermarkets over the past 24 years. Honesty, Integrity and a passion for the industry has seen this family business grow from humble beginnings to one of the largest bakery brands in the country.

Innovation and food safety now lead the development team's brief, to offer our customers products that are second to none, and also meet the needs of the more discerning allergy and additive conscious consumers. Without our customers ongoing support we would not have a business - for that reason we strive to make sure that every product purchased will be enjoyed, as we value and cannot survive without the repeat purchase.

With changes to the business in recent times, "Quality Desserts" branded products are now baked under licence by Indulgent Bakery Products Pty Ltd who employ some of the original Quality Desserts team.

Into the future, Indulgent Bakery Products are fully aware of our environmental responsibilities.  They currently recycle all our paper and plastic wastes. A water efficiency plan was developed a number of years ago to minimise the wastage of water through the plant, together with energy saving strategies to replace existing lighting with LED's to reduce our overall power and gas consumption to lower our carbon footprint, and food waste is sold off to farms for animal feed to minimise product going to landfill.